Whether you are planning an attack on the Stonemist, trying to trade that precious precursor or simply want to meet new people and make new friends - Isle of Janthir community welcomes you!

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Ever wondered what a commander sounds like? Tired falling off cliffs with autorun, while typing? Isle of Janthir is a welcoming community and we invite all of you to join us on our official TeamSpeak server!

To connect, simply use the button below, or use one of the following IPs - / voice.isleofjanthir.net:9988

And don't forget to read some of the important things about IoJ TS over on the forums!

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We have received an enormous amount of donations for TeamSpeak (Over 7 months worth!!) Thank you everybody!!

You've all heard the story - good things come at a price. And just like that, maintaining Isle of Janthir website, forum and TeamSpeak does not come cheap!

Whether you have more money than you can handle or you got a spare dollar, we at Isle of Janthir would be extremely grateful if you consider donating any amount towards the upkeep of our services! No donation is too small and every single cent will go towards paying our hosting bills.

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